Hi Mommas!


I am the luckiest girl to be the momma to my sweet little son Greyson and the wife to my hubby Dustin. My momma journey to get to where I am today was not an easy one, filled with loneliness, depression, identity loss and a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I was able to find strength in community with other moms and through sharing stories about the adventure that is motherhood. 


Mommas would share all sorts of stories that would lead to laughing, crying and sometimes shock! As I would hear these stories it would normalize motherhood for me. Things didn’t seem so big or so scary. I knew how good it felt to share with other moms and was inspired when other moms who made motherhood look so effortless shared stories I could relate to. This left me wondering how I could share this experience and ultimately connect moms on a higher level, all over the world.  I truly believe that moms sharing their stories can be so empowering and helps them to know they aren’t alone, they are enough and they are loved. 

So….. I created Momma Stories!!

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